Energeia 5 now online

Energeia is an open-access online journal for linguistics and language philosophy published by the research center Eugenio Coseriu / Coseriu Archives at the University of Tübingen. It will be issued annually at www.energeia-online.de, examining topics of general linguistics, language theory and language philosophy, with a particular consideration of Romance linguistics.

Energeia is not representative of any specific theoretical approach, however we do have a preference for contributions on language theory which take on a perspective departing from speech, language or text and categorize linguistic phenomena based on the processes of language and speech.

Energeia generally is composed of three parts: the first presents unpublished original contributions, the second consists of reviews, and the third is documentary of the work at the research center Eugenio Coseriu / Coseriu Archives.

Unpublished original contributions can be submitted anytime to energeia@coseriu.com; please observe the editorial guidelines. Essays will be evaluated anonymously within a period of three months by three independent reviewers. The authors will be contacted after the evaluation and shall receive an evaluation report and request of modification if necessar