After the death of Prof. Dr. Eugenio Coseriu in 2002, the initiative of the rector of the Eberhard-Karls-Universität and a generous donation from Italy made it possible to acquire the collected works of Eugenio Coseriu for the University of Tübingen, which had been Coseriu's center of activity since 1963. The archive thus established at the Faculty of Modern Languages contains Coseriu's manuscripts, partly unpublished, his extensive library and a sound archive.

The majority of the over 1000 manuscripts had already been registered and classified during Coseriu's lifetime in the context of a research project financed by the DFG (German Research Foundation); the first of these have already been edited, updated and published in the past few years. Further manuscripts will follow in the coming years as part of a large-scale project to edit Coseriu's complete works. The archive is also the place of coordination for publications of Coseriu's work abroad.

In the context of concrete research projects, we want Coseriu's work not only to be edited, but also its relevance for present issues of research to be discussed. An extensive network of domestic and foreign contacts already exists; the archive is meant to be a center of international linguistic exchange.

By creating a Eugenio-Coseriu-Foundation, we want to make it possible to give scholarships to interested young researchers and to permanently sustain the scientific work of the archive.

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